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What is Fittever 

Fittever is a brand new mobile app which allows gym studios to live-stream their classes to your homes. We are just about to launch and we need your help. 

Help us out 

We are offering  selected users to trail our app for absolutely free. FREE fitness classes from top studios, live-streamed to your home. In exchange we will ask you for your feedback, so we can build the perfect experience. 

Want to get fit? 

Don't always have the time to get to the gym? 

No cool gyms near your home? 

Prefer to do a home workout? 

If any of the above answers are YES then we can help you out. Our app live-streams fitness classes from some of the coolest studios in the UK to your home.

We are a startup based in the UK, determined to make a global impact on the worlds inactivity level. From personal experiences, we have found that there are far too many barriers to exercise. We are here to break down those barriers.

Want to help us out? Fill out the details below to become a Fittever VIP - you will get FREE access to our app in exchange for some feedback interviews.

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